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Map of the Month

The “Map of the Month” has been posted to the GIS website (along with maps previously posted to the site) and can now be viewed at:
This month we are featuring the “White Clouds & Hemingway-Boulders Wilderness Management Planning” story map, courtesy of the US Forest Service. This maps explains the background behind the designation of these new wilderness areas, and describes the process and anticipated timeline of how their wilderness management plan is being developed as mandated by the Wilderness Act (1964), and MUCH more…

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Idaho ArcGIS Online enables State of Idaho users to create and share geospatial resources, including web maps, services, and applications. The general public can also view and interact with content on the site. Take a look at featured maps and applications in the resources gallery. Use the built in map viewer to explore existing maps or to author your own (requires signing in). 



You can access everything on our express gallery from a smartphone or tablet. Most mainstream devices can download the free application from Esri.

Basic Steps

Step1. Download the free application from Esri.

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Step 2. Set up a free Account (recommended but not required)

Esri is a Geographic Information System (GIS) software vendor. is a platform that allows you to use and create maps through the web.

Step 3. Open the application, Click the Find Maps icon, type '' and any keywords for our mapping applications, and Go.